September review board/medical status

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    My son was medically disqualified by DODMERB in early September. We rebutted the disqualification and he was put on remedial status on September 19th. The scholarship review board met on Sept. 23, but he did not go in front of the Board because AROTC had not updated its information from DODMERB, so he was still carried as disqualified on the AROTC ccims module. Apparently the info. is only updated every 5 days. He is now medically qualified as we were successful in the rebuttal. It is likely that he would have been awarded a scholarship in September, as he was above the ACT cutoff set by the Board. It's a shame he fell between the cracks. I made sure his status was updated from remedial to qualified for the October board, but heard that the ACT cutoff could be changed to something else by this new board! Very frustrating!