Service requirements for AROTC v USMA and NROTC v USNA

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by armynavy, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Does anyone know whether the service requirements for ROTC scholarship winners is longer than for graduates of the respective academy? For example, it looks like Army ROTC requires four or five years of active duty plus three or four of reserve but USMA only requires five years of active duty. Is that correct?

    Are the service requirements for USNA and NROTC similar (assuming no other special training such as aviation)?

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    not correct.

    EVERYBODY signs on for 8 (Yes that is EIGHT) years.
    Coming from USMA, USNA, USAFA you owe AT LEAST 5 years Active Duty. The remaining three years can be served in the Reserves, National Guard or IRR.

    IRR = Individual Ready Reserve. You don't drill or train but are on a list. If you get called off the list you must go.

    ROTC has different requirements depending on your level of scholarship -Navy ROTC just went to 5 years AD for a 4 year scholarship but the others are 3 or 4 years - depending if/how much scholarship you receive. Generally you will owe between 3 and 4 years Active Duty, the remainder being served in either the Reserves, Guard or IRR.

    In talking of Academy service most folks only talk about the 5 years. Until recently no one was called up from the IRR or prevented from resigning their commission after 5 years. This did indeed happen in the Army in the height of the Iraq War - so IMO, everyone needs to be fully aware.

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