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Nov 3, 2007
I have a friend whose daughter (a junior) is very interested in USNA. My friend has not been supportive as she is scared of the danger. I told her I thought women were not allowed the same service selection options as the men. Can someone confirm this and perhaps share a website that explains the options that I could forward to her?
Yes you are correct women are not allowed ALL of the same service opertunities. I know artillery, infintry, tanks and I believe subs are not allowed for women. There is also some fine print about combat eminate mos' (I forgot exactly how it's worded) that allows those restrictions. However, unless her daughter does not have a specific specialty in mind, I would not go into all the the selection options. I would concentrate on telling her the possitive non-combat and USNA oppertunties through her job of choice. I know I have not spoken at any length with my parents/grandparents about service oppertunites for women because I want to be a pilot so the restrictions don't really apply to me. My parents were/are worried about my joining the military and I think most parents come around in time. I would do what you can to reasure your friend that if it is her final choice, her daughters is a good one and reasure her daughter that her mother will come around and to stay dilegent in her persuits.
I certainly understand the mother's concerns. What is critical is what the daughter wants/expects. Today, most women grads can expect to see combat. The extent of that combat depends in part on their service selection.

In fairness, it's hard to predict today what the world will be like in 7-8 years. Remember that this young woman has another year in h.s., 4 years at USNA, and another 1-2 years in post-USNA schooling before she would join the fleet. The world could be a very different place. For example, most grads (most, not all) from 1975-1990 didn't see combat during that time.

Bottom line is that, if you attend a SA, you should be prepared to be an officer in whatever situation we are in at that time and during your military tenure.
The USMC MOSs that women are disqualifed from are under the category of "Combat Arms." They include:
0302, Infantry Officer
0802, Field Artillery Officer
1302, Combat Engineer Officer
1802, Tank Officer
1803, AAV Officer

However, there is no firm front line in the nature of war today...
Additionally [probably not the side that helps her daughter] there is also no guarentiee that the jobs and regulations that are around now to help keep women out of combat will still be around in that 7-8 year range and beyond. USNA1985 and KaMiKaZi have a good point though, there is no telling what sort of jobs and combat there will be by that time.