Sesame Seed Allergy Disqualification?


Oct 29, 2017
I am currently a junior in high school, planning to apply for a Naval Academy appointment. According to a blood test by a local allergy doctor, I have an allergy to sesame seeds. I have eaten sesame seeds many times in the past with no issues. I have spoken to my recruiter about this but the answer was inconclusive.
Will an allergy to sesame seeds disqualify me for service in the Marine Corps or attendance to the Naval Academy? If so, what are the chances for a waiver?
Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
Why did you have a blood test with an allergist?
Why did you have a blood test with an allergist?
It was something my parents signed me up for a few years ago.

I don't wish to appear obtuse, but to rephrase the question so as to reach the root cause of the issue:
"Why did your PARENTS have you engage an allergist for a blood test?"
Ah, my apologies. They said that as a child, I was constantly sick, so they brought me to allergist who decided to test many different common ingredients and substances at once to see if any of them could have been the problem. Sesame seed happened to be on that list, and my results came back positive for a sesame seed allergy. I retested for specifically sesame seed recently to see if I could be cleared for it, but the results still came back positive.
It may also be worth noting that in my most recent test, I came back as negative for the allergy on the skin prick test, but too high in my blood test for the allergist to be comfortable doing a food challenge(where I sit and eat the seeds for several hours under monitored conditions). However, I know that my allergy isn't severe as I ate a meal 2 weeks ago with sesame seeds mixed in with no adverse effects.
Ok ... I am not a doctor...just a Dad that had a son go through something similar...AROTC granted him a waiver

So your IgE # for sesame came in “high” as far as your allergist is concerned

You have a choice to check Yes or No on the DoDMERB form, question #60 where you will have to answer if you’ve had any reactions to foods, medicines, insect bites or bee stings. You have this allergist appt and blood test in your medical record...IMHO you should check ”Yes”. . . DoDMERB will then most likely ask for a copy of your allergist, skin test, and blood test medical records. DoDMERB will most likely “DQ” you, then USNA will have decide whether to grant a medical waiver. I have no experience whether they would. Others will have to answer that.

From my experience I do NOT think the AF would grant the waiver, but the Army might ... the Army is very reasonable with food allergy waivers ... yours sounds minor...

Think about if you’d be willing to serve in the Army.

Best wishes to you