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Feb 9, 2009
What is Kings Point supposed to be about? - Seamanship, Leadership, Navigation, Responsibility, Engineering, Teamwork, Ship Handling, Respect, Physics, Ethics, Tradition, Sportsmanship - to name a do you get all of that at once? How about 12 Midshipman racing a 100 foot, 96 ton, 1929 Alden schooner through the hazard strewn waters of coastal Maine? Here's a great pic of Summerwind from Billy Black that puts it in perspective-

Great Picture

I'm generally on the AFA Forum, but I saw this picture and want to extend my complements.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Absolutely a Terrific Photograph! Should immediately be made part of the recruiting literature. This photo says it all, and answers many preliminary questions about USMMA for any prospective new Plebes. Thanks "DeepSea".

Is it possible to play two intercollegiate sports at KP? Sailing and let's say football or basketball or baseball ? Or is the sailing team, mutually exclusive to all other intercollegiate teams?
No, the Mids can only do one intercollegiate sport. Sailing is a Division I sport at Kings Point. Sailing practice is daily to include weekends. Deepsea can elaborate with precision, but I know DS practices every afternoon often missing dinner and participates in regattas or team movements on weekends. It is a full schedule including their academic demands, especially with the engineering curriculum. In fact, there is hardly enough time for sailing.
i like this shameless plug.

Awesome photo! TFS
Thank you for posting that! My DS is on that boat. The Offshore Sailing team is his reason for living. He has enjoyed it so much and has willingly given up most of his summers to the waterfront. If he had his choice he would never climb the "hill" and always be out on the water. :smile:
No, the Mids can only do one intercollegiate sport.

This isn't fully accurate. Many, many midshipmen participate in multiple intercollegiate sports. In fact the Kenny Graff memorial trophy is given each year in his memory to 1 soccer play and 1 baseball player because he played both while at KP. Also I know of many female midshipmen that have in the past done volleyball/basketball, voleyball/softball, or even all 3. I know of one guy who did football/basketball during his 1/c year.

You will find that in general those who participate in the NCAA sports tend to not really get involved with the waterfront too much; however, it would be likely be possible to participate some during the offseason time. One has to remember sea year though, that really eats into the ability to participate in more than one activity.
I'll take it for granted that they now have paddles securely lashed aboard the trailing dinghy...after rescue at sea earlier this season and being forced to paddle with a PFD!:yllol: