Shaving during Beast

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by USMAClassof2018, Jun 23, 2014.

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    This may seem like a trivial subject but what kind of razor is best suited for Beast. I can use just about any type of razor since my skin isn't that sensitive, I'm just wondering if some are recommended over the others. I've heard that I can either bring an electric razor or a single blade razor (I'm guessing this would be a disposable razor). Is this true?? I currently use the 5 bladed Gillette ProGlide razor. I have found a fancy Philips Norelco electric shaver but it is $100. Would the $100 be worth it?? What do most Cadets use? I'm guessing it's a fancy electric razor or a terrible disposable razor - are these the only two options??
    Thank you!

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    This is the kind of thing that you should really not worry too much about. With that in mind, I would just recommend whatever works for you and doesn't cut your face. Something you can shave fairly quickly with. Also, keep in mind you'll spend a few days in the field - I haven't noticed anyone using electric razors in the field. It was nice to be able to just get a regular razor and do a shave with just water (no cream), very convenient.

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