Shipboard Open House - Miami, Florida

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    02/14/10 Shipboard Open House - Miami, FL

    Date: February 14, 2010
    Times: 10:00am or 2:00pm

    Join us for a ship tour, refreshments, and the opportunity to meet cadets, graduates, and our Admissions staff.

    Visitors to the ship may be required to present to the security officials at the Port of Miami a driver's license, social security card, passport or other official photo identification. Terminal location will be posted within a week of the event date.

    For the ship tour, flat shoes, preferably sneakers, that are secured at the heel are required.

    Space is limited so reserve a place today for you, your family, friends and teachers to attend this exciting event!

    Groups, troops, or clubs contact Michael Ortiz directly at 508-830-5976 or

    Register online at;
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    Right about now I would be willing to go back to school and join the MMA cadets on this cruise: it was -7 degrees this morning and will be at least that cold tonight. What a great time to be somewhere other than Massachusetts, and to be with 500+ of your fellow cadets on a training cruise in the caribbean- I can think of a lot worse ways to spend a semester! If any of you happen to be in South Florida on Feb 14th - you ought to go aboard and catch a glimpse of a really different college experience. The Kennedy is a pretty impressive vessel and you will also find the Cadets aboard to be a pretty impressive group.

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