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Jun 22, 2006
I didn't think this was an issue until I read the recent post about the person with the flat feet. Now I am a little concerend about this so here we go:

D has shoe inserts she wears daily. She got them at the State Fair (odd place to get such a thing, I know!) they were NOT prescribed by a doctor. She wears them in her running shoes. She has had them for almost three years. She got them because her feet hurt sometimes when she runs a lot. The guy at the fair said they would help (and they have). She has used them ever since. They fit easily in the shoe inplace of the insole that comes with the shoe. She expected to bring them with her when she goes to AFA but now I am wondering if she can just wear them in her shoes when she goes, as she had planned. They were not prescribed by a doctor and she has never seen a doctor for her feet. I asked her if she could survive Beast without them and she said she could - but would rather not. I looked at the form we filled out initially for DoDMRB and line 55 said "foot troubles / use orthotics" we answered "no" because we didn't think of these - and they were not prescribed by a doctor - I don't even think they classify as "orthotics". They are just plastic things you put in your shoes that give a little extra arch support (high arches run in the family). I have even seen these things at WalMart so they are easy to get.

Suggestions? Can she just appear with them (her preference)? Should I just plan to bring them to her over parents weekend?

RetNavyHM will probably have some excellent advice, as always.

For what it's worth:
If she has been wearing the same insets for 3 years, they probably are no longer helping her feet/knees. Inserts, like running shoes break down after a while. One of my kids wears them for a knee tracking problem and gets them new every six months.
I bet if she got a new pair of running shoes with good arch support she would be fine.
OTC (over the counter) inserts, like Dr. Scholl's, are not an issue, and applicants can take them to I-day without any issue. I know for a a fact that the USNA midshipmen store carries the Dr. Scholl's inserts (not just the odor ones). It becomes an issue when an applicant can not perform activities (yes, standing in formation for 2 hours at a time is considered an activity) without pain and requires prescription orthodics.
Thanks - they are not Dr. Schooll's. I don't know the name. They look a lot like my husbands doctor prescribed ones though they were "off the shelf" at the fair.

Just a Mom - I figured they would wear out too - but they don't seem to. Every year we go to the fair and she goes by that booth and they ask how they are doing and she says no need for new ones. When we have gotten new shoes we take out the arch support and replace it with these things. It is about time for her to get new running shoes - we'll give it a try without them and see if it works.

Thanks for your help.
Son has rather flat feet as well & had pain issues when running. A foot specialist I am friends with told us to get OTC inserts & put him in New Balance cross trainers. I"ll add the "I'm no doctor disclaimer" here but in the year & 1/2 he's been at his academy, he's had no feet problems. He changes out his shoes to new ones every 6 to 8 months. He went into Indoc with inserts in his New Balance and ended up with another pair when the academy had issued very nearly the same kind. I had him in Nikes all through high school because someone else had told me they were great for more flat footed people. He had such problems with them. I have to kind of smile though because when it comes to shoes & even the inserts, its like a chevy salesman telling you the reasons not to buy a ford..... :wink:
You "moms" are the foot experts. If I ever have problems, other than it inserted in mouth, and maybe even then, I know where I am going for help.
I would suggest going to your local running store to anyone who is having some foot, knee, or lower leg problems when running. They are usually run by very knowledgible people who are excellent at selecting a running shoe for your type of foot.

If you ask they will watch you walk and run without your shoes on and take note of the type of arch and foot you may have. When I was rotating on a sports medicine rotation the doctors would almost always recommend the person go to the local running store.

In my opinion most doctors won't know (or admit to not knowing) the proper shoe or insert for a person unless they are a runner themselves. Even most orthopedists aren't that interested in running problems because most are non-surgical problems. You may even try contacting your local running club (they are all over the place, you'd be surprised) and see if they have any recomendations for physicians who are good with runners if you are having more serious problems.