Should I apply to both Senators?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by candidate2014, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Should I apply to both Boxer and Feinstein's nomination applications? What's the point of applying to both? All nominations are weighted the same, and I've heard you are most likely to earn a congressional nomination, so what is the point of applying to both senators?

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    Why wouldn't you? Everyone can apply to a minimum of 4. It increases your odds of receiving a nomination to your first choice academy and your 2nd/3rd/4th choices.
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    CA Senate Noms....

    Apply for everything you can!

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    An MOC can only nominate 10 candidates per slate. Some MOCs could have hundreds of candidates. By applying to 3 you get 3 chances of getting a nom.

    Most importantly, every slate you are on means one more chance of getting an appointment.

    You also don't know how the MOC wil submit their slate. If they submit principal, USMA must appoint that candidate if they are 3Q. The other 9 may or may not get sent to the national pool.
    ~ If you only apply to one MOC, than you are only going to get one bite at the apple before the national pool.

    Think about it like this way...are you applying only to USMA, and no colleges? Of course not because you know that there is a chance you won't get an appointment. The same can be said for nominations, there is no guarantee in a state like CA that you will get a nom.
    ~ Some states are not competitive, i.e. the MOCs don't talk, or they follow the spread the wealth theory, but CA is competitive. It would not shock me at all if CA senators have 500-750 requests for noms. Again they can only have 10 candidates per slate. Even if you divide that number by 4. Statistically it still comes out to @ 6-9% chance of getting that nom.
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    Each MOC (Member of Congress) has a "slate" that appointments get charged to; each MOC can have up to 5 cadets per SA charged to them at any one time. As a cadet graduates (or disenrolls) another spot on that MOC's slate opens up. And the SA must choose a (qualified) candidate from each slate every year.

    So the reasoning behind applying for multiple nominations is that it can, in theory, provide you with more opportunities to be appointed because you can be charged against different MOCs.

    For example...

    Senator A nominates 10 people including you.
    Senator B nominates 10 people but you did not apply to him/her.
    Congressman C nominates 10 people including you.

    You would, assuming you are qualified, have a 1-10 chance of the recieving an appointment from either A or C's slate. The scenario might play out like this.... Suppose you were the third best applicant overall, but Sentator A and Congressman C had applicants the Academy picked higher than you, you are out of luck. They would go to Senator B's list and choose someone from their list instead (perhaps "ranked" below you).

    Hope that makes sense and good luck!
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    One of the CA senators historically nominates principal with numbered alternates, and the other just depends. So if you aren't #1 in your congressional district (which may or may not nominate with a principal) and you don't get the one senator's principal nomination, do you really want to be shut out because you didn't apply to the other?
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    Just to note: deadline for both CA Senators is November 1st.

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