Should I bother reapplying? Help Please!

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by aimhigh, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I'm going to just cut to the chase. I graduated USAFA prep school class of 2010 (A SQUAD) anyway, due to an honor hit late in the year I didn't get to go to USAFA. There was actually another kid too, it was so late in the year he didn't even get a trial.

    Anyway, I waited a year to go to my university (starting this fall) b/c I never applied to any colleges. I wasn't notified about the Academy until May 2010. I initially went through the process of enlisting b/c there was NO way i could afford college. I found out in Feb. 2011 that preppy alumni have 50% of the Gi Bill to use.

    So now that I'm going to college, taking the general classes a Doolie would take (i chose Industrial Engineering major so i'll have calc, physics, english) and all that jazz.

    Lastly, which makes me kind of shady for re apply is that i graduated with a 2.1 gpa at the prep school. I was doing fine until the honor hit and the pressures effected my grades.

    I just have a feeling that they have a code on my profile, and it'd be a waste of time to re apply? I've been doing my best to just forget about my service academy dream, and it's fine during the day, but i subconsciously dream about it EVERY night. I had wanted to go to USAFA the day i found out about its exsistance (late sophomore year of HS).

    Or should i just let it be a dream deferred and just do AFROTC.

    Is there a thread or website for preppies and cadets that didn't make it through service academies. I think it would be REALLY beneficial for them to get to talk it out. I never got the chance and I think it would've helped
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    If I were you...I would contact the USAFA counselor that was assigned to you while at Prep. If one wasn't, then I would call up to USAFA and ask to speak with one of the counselors.

    And then I'd lay it all out just like you did here. And hold NOTHING back.

    They are the ones that have the "pulse" of USAFA...they would probably know whether or not it would be a good thing to "go for" or not.

    USAFA '83

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