Should i retake SAT's?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by EchoRF26983, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Hi there!
    I just finished my Freshmen year of college with a GPA of 3.85. I am also a Army ROTC Cadet with what i believe is an extensive Extracurricular profile.

    I did poorly in high school with a 82.67 GPA out of 100 and SAT score of 1510 and never took the ACT. However as a 19 year old I am Cisco Certified IT Technician (People graduate college to get these), I was an Officer for SkillsUSA, Committee Chair of Model UN where i won two awards for best paper including one being at a UN hosted conference, I played Varsity Volleyball, I did an Internship as a IT technician at Bank of America for an entire summer my junior year of high school, 8 months of internship experience at a non profit where i did some admin work as well. I have some voluntary political campaigning experience. Oh and i was part of the National Technical Honor Society and did IT troubleshooting for my high school and my Principle speaks highly of me. I still go back my high school to do advising and mentoring for our Model UN program. Did i mention i met the Russian Delegation?
    I am hoping that admissions will look at who i am now with excellent grades and extracurricular rather than my past high school grades. Other than ROTC, everything else i mentioned i did in high school. I hope this proves that i am ambitions and mentally strong. What are my chances? anyone please and thank you!
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    They will definitely look at your improvements favorably and while none of us can tell you what your chances are, I would say that you have better chances academically this year than last year (although you could have gotten into NAPS, I don't know ). You should definitely retake the SAT

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