Should Marine Corps Officer Candidates study math in college?

Discussion in 'OTS/OCS/PLC' started by biggers2short, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Good day gents,

    I am applying for USMC PLC-Juniors and am a theoretical mathematics major. I recently discovered that my campus has a security and intelligence degree program, which you have to minor in a foreign language (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Somali etc.) My question is this, I am a ground contract applicant with the goal of becoming a 0302, which degree will be more useful, in terms of serving my potential Marines: Theoretical (pure) Mathematics or Security and Intelligence?

    Also known as “pure” mathematics, theoretical mathematics explores the basic concepts and structure beneath many math topics ranging from geometry to analysis.

    The Security & Intelligence major focuses on the changing nature of conflict and war both as we enter the 21st century and in the aftermath of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. State-on-state war is no longer the only major threat to personal and national security. Conventional war, terrorism, biological warfare, environmental degradation, economic espionage, trans-national crime and information theft are among the more prominent threats with which individuals and states now have to deal.
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    As far as "serving" your Marines, they aren't going to care one bit. They will expect you to know your job as an Infantry Officer and be an expert in every facet of it. I don't know if my Marines ever asked what my degree was in.

    That said, I can see where the security and intelligence degree would be more applicable when you give situation briefs or sit and discuss international geopolitical subjects with your men. Its kind of like Sun Tzu's "know your enemy" concept.
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    Marines don't care about your major. Furthermore, your major will most likely have very little to do with what you do in the Corps. Major in what you're interested in... something that makes yo want to get up in the morning.
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    Marines don't care your major, school or commissioning source. Being able to write well is a necessity as you will write SOPs, LORs, awards, command investigations and it's needed for career follow on schools. Your undergrad degree will only really come into play for grad school degree programs (which have related follow on assignments). So major in what interests you and could align with a post Marine Corps job that you may like.

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