should non M and E scores be sent

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    I feel like this is a foolish question-so i apologise in advance-just better safe than sorry...

    My sons highest English score was in his first ACT (34)
    My sons highest Math score was in his third ACT (34)

    BUT his highest science score was in his second ACT.

    So my question: should we send all three or just the first and the third? I am getting ready to send the official scores and wasn't sure which to send.-should he contact his BGO and ask him?
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    I don't think you can pick and choose from each test - at least you didn't used to be able to. In any case - just send them all - it won't matter. The academy will superscore and count the highest Math and highest English.
    Do they even look at the science?
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    USNA only looks at Math and English, there is no need to send the second ACT score, in your son's situation.
    USNA picks and chooses the best scores from multiple tests. So they will take the first English and third Math and marry them. If your son takes the SAT or another ACT and does better, those scores will be used (provided you submit them).

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