Shoulder Dislocation


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Apr 15, 2014
DS just got word from AFROTC he received RPA. he had surgery for torn shoulder labrum over Christmas break. He is making full recovery with therapy. Will commission in May 19. Will this have any outcome on his future?
He needs to report that to DODMERB...any change in health status as big as a surgery needs to be reported and DODMERB will revise all the paperwork again and ask for remedials again etc. I understand that it might set him back one year until full recovery but only DODMERB can determine that.
He has turned in all medical records to his Det just curious if this can be waivered as it is a complete repair
DODMERB has to DQ before a waiver can be given. Usually, all joint surgeries within a yearnsre automatically DQ, but again, F17 said - he has to let DODMBERB make the call.
This is a DQ condition because he had, I’m assuming, shoulder instability.

Make sure he pays close attention to the rehab protocol. I know he’s going to want to accelerate things by doing more reps, heavier weights, etc as he undergoes physical therapy. Doing so risks the shoulder not healing right.

Since surgery was in December 17, he should be good to go by October - December 18 and be ready to commission by May 19.

As someone mentioned earlier, the remedials provided to dodmerb will be important.
His ROTC program will submit him for a medical determination after he comes off of profile and is able to return to full duty. He can be either remain qualified or DQed from his determination. The medical determination will have to be completed as still medically qualified prior to his commission date. It is possible for his commissioning to be pushed right if he isn't cleared in time.