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    Jul 15, 2013
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    Have not posted in a while and have some down time. DS and I are at Philly airport headed to Maine for a visit to the ME Maritime Academy. ME MA is one of his 5 NROTC selections...

    Major milestone today for USMMA. His HS school finally completed Part III of App... Status now shows "yes" for App Pt III, HS Profile, Counselor Rec, Transcript, Other Recs, and Sr Classes. A lot of boxes were checked today. All other signals are green except nom and 7th Sem grades...

    Had false alarm on nom today. DS received call from Congressman's office leaving message to call back. Thinking it was an interview invite, slight let down when it was only to verify class size and HS class rank.

    We are headed to KP on 17th/18th as he does an overnight. SUNY Maritime on the 19th, another of his NROTC selections. Trying to be efficient but lawn does not look too hot lately...

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