SLE Packing


May 19, 2023
Hey all,

Just had a few questions about packing for SLE as well as SLE itself. I have listed them below. For reference, I have also included an image of the packing list issued by West Point.

The packing list mentions nothing about shirts, except that West Point will provide three t-shirts and two polos. Is it safe to assume that I am allowed to wear whatever shirt I want outside of academic seminars and training or should I bring extra polos with me and wear them every day?

Can the running shorts be of any color, or is there a specific color that I need to follow?

What exactly will West Point provide in terms of bed materials? Is there only a mattress and nothing else?

Since the items on the packing list are supposed to accurately last the entire week even as there are no laundry facilities, will I be re-wearing some of the same clothes on multiple days (bad question I know, but I am just curious)?

For the academic seminars, should I bring paper and pen or will we not need them?

I have heard that on the first day, we have to repack what we brought. How should I pack and what should I use to pack to make it most efficient?

If any of you had any insight, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Realized I forgot to include the packing list, so here it is:



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@ozli24, please don’t overthink this. It’s only a week, and USMA has given you a comprehensive packing list. Check off the boxes and move on to more-productive exploits.

DD packed exactly as instructed. Fit it all in a standard 24” carry-on suitcase. It was enough and did the job. If anything, when dropping her off, it looked like many erred on the side of “way too much.” I saw large suitcases and duffle bags that the attendees were huffing and puffing to lug. That double-time march from registration to the barracks tested them a bit.

This is a good exercise in following instructions, flexing when necessary, adjusting on the fly, and making the most of things. In other words, good officer training. Enjoy the week!
DS followed the list and he hasn't had any issues. He did wear a pair of jeans there and packed a pair, so that he would have two pairs of jeans for the two "military" days. He packed any color of athletic shorts that he had. He wore a polo shirt, in case he needed one during the week, but I don't think he will need it. They wear the shirts provided. The khaki shorts that he brought were all khaki in color. He packed a sheet set, thin flannel blanket, and tiny pillow. Everything fit in a carryon and backpack. He did use the bags that you can squeeze the air out of to help things for better.
They don't make you repack things the first day, and also, they gave us paper and pen. Also, it's just a mattress and bed, no sheets.