SLE Vaccine record question


Jun 17, 2022
DD has applied and gotten accepted for the 2023 SLE. While she was trying to complete the SLE registration, she asked what vaccines she has had? She has to enter them into the system before she can even print it out for her doctor to sign. I guess it is what it is but I just thought this method is very odd and inconvenient. Normally when we get a request like this (private summer camps), we just print out the form and fill in basic personal information. Then, we submit the form to the doctors office and the doctor usually just print out all the records and attach to the medical form and signs it. Are we missing something or it is what it is?
There are only two vaccination-related questions - polio and tetanus. Both of these are required by the school system (at least in my state).
I was unaware that they are only asking about two vaccinations. Thank you for informing me.