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    I am currently applying to USMA for the class of 2017 and have just finished my file. I attended SLS in the spring and my cadet squad leader did my interview that would have been done by a MALO, however my question is, is there any way to check to make sure I have an interview submitted as I don't want to find out later on that there wasn't an interview submitted in my file and be too late to contact a MALO to do one with them.
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    you will have contact either your local MALO/FFR or RC to get the confirmation. Any FFR with access to the field force website for you congressional district can tell you if you have an interview on record or not.

    Another interview, in addition to SLS, is preferred by some RCs. No disrespect, but your SLS squad leaders are cadets afterall, not Army officer. They can make comments about if you will be a good cadet or not, but not sure about being a good Army Officer.

    Your FFR might still interview you even if you have SLS interivew.

    I do when asked. Sometimes a second interview helps. A kid I worked asked for an interivew. He already had an interview from SLS. I interviewed him anyway. Later I found out that he got a bad write up from his SLS squad leader. Don't know if he asked for another interview because he knew he got a bad interview from his SLS squad leader.

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