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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by SD Academy Bound, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Jan 15, 2010
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    I read about what AFA gives its summer seminar attendees. What does West Point give to its attendees?
  2. marciemi

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    West Point didn't seem to give quite as much as AF, but gave some really nice, high-quality things. Son got a cool Under Armor hoodie that he still wears all the time (even though he's going to AF in June). Also two UA PT shirts, and two nice UA material polo shirts. His polos were black and his hoodie was grey - I think that was the same for everyone. The PT shirts were different colors - depending on what platoon (I think) they were in. His was black, but when he left, he traded with a friend in a different platoon who had gold, so they each came home with one of each. He got a notebook, a water bottle, a backpack, a pen. I don't think any shorts or sweat pants from USMA. Some math department pencils and another water bottle that says USMA Math from the class he took there. I'll ask him and see if he can think of anything else.
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    You get a sick under armor hoodie. I lost mine on a run =(

    A pretty nice draw string backpack (kinda small but great quality)

    Two under armor athletic shirts that say West Point Athletics (color depended on platoon)

    Two black polos with yellow streaks and a black knight emblem

    Some of the classes give out additional T-shirts/hats/water bottles/etc if you impress the teacher. We shot M16's (kinda... you'll figure it out when you get there) and whoever had the best accuracy got a t-shirt with "West Point sharp shooter" on the back.

    I took the Chemistry class and I got silly putty that the chem professor made and a pretty neat little piece of plastic with SLS 2009 etched into with a laser from the photonics lab (which was awesome, maybe my favorite part). We also made some just weird stuff in Chem which was pretty fun I guess, not something I wanted to put in my suit case though so I tossed it. Some kids in engineering (forget what exactly) made clocks or something.

    So overall you'll come out with some good stuff. Even if you don't win anything or your class doesn't give anything away the hoodie and backpack are pretty tight to walk around with.

    Oh and please don't pick which SLS to go to for the stuff lol... The stuff was nice but the experience is what I remember and enjoy most.

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