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Nov 29, 2008
I looked on the admissions website and it looked like I need to have my SAT scores to apply for the Summer Leader Seminar is this true? and is their anything else i must have to apply?
No, you don't need SATs, although i imagine they can't hurt. Just PSATs, and the other things they ask for.
Be sure to have the following information before proceeding to the application link:

* Full legal name
* Mailing address
* Home phone
* Email address
* Junior class size and your class ranking
* Social security number
* Grade point average
* One or more test scores from the PSAT, SAT, or ACT

Also ensure you meet the following requirements:

* U.S Citizen
* Unmarried
* Not pregnant or under legal obligation to support a child or children
* Good physical and mental health

After reading the above and after mid-December 2008, you can sign up here for SLS 2009. Note that this is a two-step process. You must do both of the following to complete the application: 1) submit the Candidate Questionnaire, AND 2) complete the Workshop Preference worksheet.

Apply soon! Best of luck! :thumb: