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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sg1fan93, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I have some questions about the other ways to attend college and commision as well. I am asking on here instead of my recruiter because last time I talked to my local recruiter, the Marine one flat out lied to me and the Army one was convinced there was no such thing as a 4 year scholarship :rolleyes: Anyway, if I do not get an AROTC scholarship I still intend to pursue the path of becoming an officer in the Army. But I am not very clear on what all the different paths are.

    SMP- From what I understand, you enlist in either the reserves or National Guard, and you attend ROTC at a college of your choice? I have also been told that if you take this route you cannot commision into Active Duty.

    I have heard something called the Split Option Program thrown around; what is this?

    If someone can clarify on these things, and advise me of any other paths as well, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    You absolutely can commission Active Duty with SMP!
    The SMP program is open to people with 2 years remaining in Army ROTC from my knowledge though.
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    There are several programs that get lumped together as "Army SMP"
    If you are interested in ROTC/SMP, you need to do a little reading and sort out the various options:
    4, 3, 2 yr Army ROTC scholarships
    3 yr AD Army ROTC scholarships
    3, 2 year SMP
    2 year Dedicated GRFD ROTC
    2 year Dedicated NG ROTC
    Nursing and graduate student ROTC programs...
    SMP Split Option- Basic training one summer, AIT the following summer, report monthly for NG/AR training in between.
    (probably some other options I missed also)

    Major Toth (clarksonarmy)has a great blog on SMP Here

    And to make it even more fun, the benefits vary state to state;
    ie, Texas offers in-state tuition if you join the TX NG,
    Ohio offers free tuition to resident NG members at state universities or the equivalent for out-of-state/private universities etc.,

    See Link Here click on "money for college" tab on Right and pick your state to see what NG has to offer. Or HERE for a list (dated)

    Lots'O'Reading at these links
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    Gojack...couldn't have said it better myself. Great set of links, and thanks for the plug. Just had a young man in my office today who missed the 4 year scholarship deadline (High School counselor never told him about the process). Spent a lot of time explaining SMP, because that's about the best option for him at this point. Would have loved to have told him to look at your post.

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