Soccer Tryouts


Mar 3, 2016
I've seen an old post about soccer at USAFA and wondering if the information is still accurate. Are new cadets provided the opportunity to tryout for soccer as a walk-on? If so when does that happen?
Yes, pretty much all the teams allow for walk-ons in some capacity. There is a big meeting during basic in clune (basketball arena) where all the sports have signs and basics get the chance to talk with coaches/upperclassmen about trying out for any sports they are interested in. As for actual tryouts, I don't know too much about soccer but based on having a roommate who played, I believe their tryouts are pretty much right after basic
I don't know about other teams, but the USNA swim coach said that they typically take 1 walk-on per year (with a total team size of about 40, which I think is probably pretty close to a soccer team as well).