SOE Phys Ed Question


USAFA C/o 2025
Sep 18, 2019
Hello again all,

I have a question regarding the West Point Phys Ed SOE contact. Is the contact that I enter the same person that West Point requires to administer my CFA? Or can I have my PE contact be one person, and have someone else administer my CFA? Thank you all in advance.
You are good to have someone else administer the CFA as long as they fit the criteria provided by USMA. One of the people who can administer the CFA just happens to be a P.E. teacher.
On your West Point Portal there should be a link a PDF of the Application Instructions Booklet. Your Phys Ed SOE contact should be your P.E. teacher, but if P.E. isn't offered at your school it gives you a list of who you could put down as your contact: PE Teacher, Health Teacher, CFA Administrator, or Athletic Director.