Soldiers attacked by pack of coyotes while training at Fort Johnson, Louisana

My guess is that nobody was carrying any live ammo.

Also...Army! :p

The funniest quote in this article is the Marines being told not to fire because it would give away their position.

It was the highest mountain in the area the VC and NVA knew we were there, and no one was going to climb it to attack a plt size group without a really good reason.

But this “attack” was real as was the fire fight that followed and the casualties on both sides.

Absolutely breathtaking view being on the mountain. A real effort to walk down it.

I don’t know anything about these being big foot monkeys. Just called rock apes.
A friend of mine’s grandpa told us a story of opening fire on aggressive apes in Vietnam and how bad they felt afterwards. I always assumed the apes were an analogy for enemy soldiers. Perhaps not.
if there is ever a chance ask if grandpa was sitting in a radio relay station at the top of the highest mountain in the danang area.

There may have been other encounters with rock apes and Marines , but the one on that mountain is likely the most famous. Well not big famous :)