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Jun 8, 2006
Dear readers.

I will openly admit that I have an axe to grind with this thread. There are few comments that infuriate me faster or hotter than any of the "Our troops are murderers, rapists, etc.". It has been said way too many times, and not only on the fringes of the political spectrum. We have had members of Congress accuse Marines of commiting premeditated murder, and the military in general of kicking down doors to terrify children. They have been accused of torture, rape, murder.

Now, I am no fool. Every organization has a bad apple, and our beloved Armed Forces are no exception, BUT THEY ARE DEALT WITH. It is the BLANKET statements, both explicit as well as not-so-much, that really put a burr under my saddle. I simply have no patience for it.

So, the next time you hear one of those comments, I'd like you to throw THESE back in the faces of the idiots who said it. Of course, you can then prepare to hear the old, "It's just military propaganda!" BS.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, are OUR troops, but I suspect most of you knew this alread:







And, as if the ones above didn't tell the story, let these next two put the final icing on the cake:



I am humbled to have once served among men such as this, even if the biggest danger I ever faced was just a bad breakaway during an UNREP.

To those of you who aspire to a Service Academy, are you ready to take on the responsibilities involved in LEADING men like this? Think about it...
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Thank you for sharing these. Thank you for reminding us all of an important point. And thank you, Z, for your time in serving our country. It doesn't matter that you were never placed in harm's way--you were willing.

Our sons and daughters will soon be the ones in those pictures above. Thank you for reminding us how noble their calling.
...And thank you, Z, for your time in serving our country. It doesn't matter that you were never placed in harm's way--you were willing.

I totally agree with HuskiesMama on this. I understand your feelings Z, my husband says the same thing. He went into the Army in April 1983 and got out in December 1990. When the Gulf War happened he felt very guilty about not being there.

Thanks for the pictures too. I have seen some of them before but not the last one with the boy hiding behind the soldier. That says it all.

Thanks for posting these images. My brother is still in Iraq. I hope he's doing well. God bless you all.
Someone please take his rifle while he rides the pretty pink bike!!!

I appreciate the one with the kid hiding behind a soldier, that says alot!

I'm looking forward to the return of one of my friends with the 101st, next stop Old Guard, right down the street from where I live.