Some R-Day Advice


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Jun 9, 2006
Don't Be That Swab...


1. Who wore high heels to R-day; she was dubbed "Cadet Kelly" and by the end of the day was crying for her mom.

2. Who thought the CGA would be a piece of cake...It's not "military" after all.

3. Who spent three months memorizing "Running Lights" then on R-day couldn't recite the mission.

4. Who wins the title "Biggest Tool Bag" on campus.

5. Who thinks he/she knows it all coming in then can't put one foot in front of the other in drill.

6. Who decided to report out of shape and DOR'd the second day.

7. Who thinks his/her high school resume is going to mean anything once he/she enters the arches.

8. Who fudged the color blindness test and gets kicked out on R-day when the real test is administered.

9. Who can't swim a lick or is afraid to be on/near/ in the water. THIS IS THE COAST GUARD DAMMIT!

10. Who has a thin skin and can't take a little yelling by the cadre.

11. Who took a spot from some deserving kid because they think a)it's free b)it's cool or c)it's what my parents wanted.

12. Who can't get away from Myspace, Facebook, AIM, ipods, or video games for more than five minutes.

Haha, that is some good advice. I watched Cadet Kelly well before R-day...haha, we used to pretend that was me (only I'm a male).

I will add one piece of advice that was discovered by my best friend and classmate.

Don't be that Swab who buzzes his platoon name into his hair before he reports aboard. (they might think it's funny, but you'll never know it).