Southwest 50,000 Point Promotion

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by KTMDad, Jun 21, 2016.

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    For families that can use Southwest Airlines, they are offering the 50,000 point promotion. I don't think you need a referral to get the points, but if you do, let me or other SWA Rapid Reward card members know and we can forward the invitation. Fyi - I do not work for SWA but we use SWA for all of our travel to/from USAFA for its flexibility.
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    the only thing to be aware of is they charge an annual fee to have that credit card. think it is about 50-60 dollars, still worth it for the points. That amount of points covers a number of flights.

    And Yes WE LOVE SW also!
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    I'd also recommend getting a separate one (Not joint) for each spouse... We did that two years ago and it was great. 100,000 points got us 6 round trip tickets for our DS. Plus it really is a good airlines to fly....
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    I agree with everyone about Southwest Airlines. My son used Southwest for all of his travel between Denver and our home. It was wonderful because we often had to change dates of travel and there is not a charge for this....Also, we often had our son travel to different destinations and they issue full credits on whatever we had paid for the tickets. Everyone in our family of 4 got a Southwest Card under this special, so we received a total of 200,000 miles of credits. This paid for a lot of relatives etc. to fly in for the recent graduation ceremony. We love Southwest Airlines!
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    If you get the personal card AND the business SWA card in the same name, you can get a SWA Companion Pass. To get the required SWA points, you must spend $3,000 within 3 months of getting each card. Having both cards should generate an additional 106,000 points (50,0000 bonus + 3,000 for the spend times 2 cards) in your SWA account. Once you get to 110,000 points you will receive a Companion Pass allowing a companion to fly free with you for the rest of that year and all of the following year. This will allow Mom and Dad to visit their cadet with points (one flies free) and leave some points for the cadet to come home. Then in 2 years repeat the process with another family member's SWA account.
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    A few important points (pun intended).

    * When you hit 110,000 miles/points (every dollar == a point), you get a free companion ticket ALL YEAR LONG that can be added at the very last minute. 50,000 is a very good start. But it gets better. Once you earn 110,000 points, you immediately get that free companion ticket this current calendar (2016) year PLUS the following (2017). I've hit free companion with ease every year (and my wife's card as well). Not through flying but though purchases. You can change your listed companion 2 or 3 times (I forget) per calendar year. You can use the companion ticket on a single leg of the trip.

    * SWA doesn't have a minimum point schedule of 20,000 points like most reward cards/airlines. We have booked several tickets at 12,000 round trip from MPSP to DEN. It is extremely rare for us to use 20,000 points but we book early. Also, check back every-so-often if you paid a good deal of points. Points DO drop and you can re-book at lower points.

    * MAJOR hint. ALWAYS book a single trip versus a round trip ticket. That way when your cadet's schedule changes, you re-book one leg and are not forced to drop them both.

    * With a change or cancellation, SWA will give you back the small booking fee as well.

    * Next key point: We always booked WITH MILES 2 trips from denver back home (our best guesses). Sometimes getting our cadet back to Denver has a last minute flexibility change too and you get another 6 hours before you have to report back. Hence we double book on the way home. When their schedule changes (and they will), you take the best flight of the bunch and cancel the others a week early. There is no penalty. But if you forget to cancel, that's a bad thing. Even small things change like your cadet validates a final and can leave 2 days early etc.

    * SWA is very military friendly. At USAFA, they are considered Active Duty. We have gotten last minute tickets for cheap. They are not always available. But when they are, we have gotten an aggressive rate.

    Yea, we are SWA bigots. We are HUGE fans. I don't work for them now am I a travel agent. We are just super delighted customers. For USAFA cadets, it doesn't get any better.
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    ^^^^^^ +1 to all the above. Nothing but SWA for us/our Cadet. Nothing but good things to say about SWA. Booked many trips (some Dayton, OH some from Columbus OH) to DEN. With a Cadet/military changes WILL have to be made and no better to deal with than SWA.

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