Space Available


Oct 10, 2014
I was wondering what kind of benefits new Lts have when waiting for their EAD? I was looking at taking a trip sometime this fall or summer since my EAD at the moment isn't until February. More specifically, I was wondering how Space A works with new Lts and how likely it would be to get on an aircraft. I know that it's unreliable and you should plan for delays but that's no issue for me. Thanks for the info in advance.
Sign up for the Facebook passenger terminal pages for the bases you want to hitch too, and check their web pages. You'll start to see patterns. F for Firm. T for Tentative.
You need to have a form signed by your ROTC commander approving your ability to use Space A travel. You would be on CAT 6 for Space A which is the lowest category. No OCONUS travel allowed. Biggest thing is that Space A is unpredictable and you need a lot of flexibility which includes time and money. If you are planning a trip during the summer plan for one before September 30th. I had plans to go to Peru since my EAD was in April then low and behold I got pushed up to September 30th with a month's notice. There were some cases where people got notified on Sept 25th due to an error on the det's part. Thus, I wouldn't make any full fall travel commitments until September 30th.