Special hotel rates for indoc & parents' weekend


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Feb 18, 2007
:thumb::thumb::thumb:The USMMA National Parents' Association, Inc., has negotiated several blocks of rooms at hotels for Indoc and Parents' Weekend. Click HERE to go to the national site and click on the Hotel links for information and rates.
There are four hotels listed on the site. Does anyone know if any of
these are near the train? Thanks!
The 2 Woodbury hotels are 45 minutes away from KP and I would not recommend those locations. Neither, the Long Island Marriott nor the Hampton Inn is conveniently located to train stations. If you are renting a car either of these 2 hotels will be ok – about a 30 minute drive to KP. If anyone is not renting a car I would suggest looking at the Inn at Great Neck. It is 1 block from the train station, which is where you would catch a bus to KP.
Are you not recommending the Woodbury hotels because of location or because of another reason? My DS now ships out of NY on 6/21 and would like us to come up on the 20th but hotels near KP have either sold out or doubled their rates because of graduation. We will be driving and will not need to use the train.

Thanks for your help!
Do you have an idea how much taxi's are or are they reliable from the Marriott to the Long Island Marriott? We are taking the rest of the family to NYC for a few days after indoc starts and did not want to rent a car in the city, so thought we could taxi back and forth to KP and then train into Penn Station.
Thanks for your help

You will be much better off renting a car. Taxi rates here on Long Island for the trips you are describing will be very expensive.
Cartgate, I kind of noticed that other KP parents & Mids are too busy to take time out from celebrating to elaborate so I'll add my two cents. :biggrin: To & from airports and while out & about Great Neck, Bayside & surrounding areas, I highly recommend Manny car service-516.487.5466 over the local Friendly's Taxi. Mannys is around the same cost as a "taxi service" but reliable, clean, and with up kept vehicles. Sorry Friendly's. Ya'll stuck me twice & my kid more than that so I'm not a fan. Manny's was always great. Used them for airport to hotel rides to Academy to hotel rides. I hate to quote their prices as its been one year since I've used them last and prices might have changed. Please do call in advance. I'm hoping others can weigh in further with their opinions.

I'm not a travel writer but I play one on your forum. :biggrin: In trying to answer what I see going on both here & in some private inquiries, I hope to add this additional information. First hint: RESERVE EARLY! This is for ALL KP functions: INDOC, Parents' Week-end, sporting events & graduation.

I can't write as to the hotels listed but can give a small view into the hotels I'd used while visiting my Mid: The hotels in and around Great Neck are not 5 star diamond hotels. Keep in mind that you are only going to sleep there, not vacation like at a resort. They all have been renovated and renovated and re-renovated. The Andrew is where most would recommend to stay if you wanted to walk across the street to jump the Long Island Rail Road to go into the city. The bus is convenient to KP as well. Their rates for INDOC look to run about $180 per evening. They have been known to knock off about 10 bucks a night for KP parents so do call to inquire. I'm not a breakfast person but they do include the usual suspects. Clean rooms but very small. Spent two visits there with the most recent being 09's graduation. Hotel staff was pretty awesome. They do double their rates for graduation week as usually the US Open is in town so pay attention '11 Grad parents as you need to book there by January in order to avoid the price gouge. Everything you need is within walking distance.

Bayside is a pleasant place to stay as well. Good places to dine in the evenings. The Adria is actually a Ramada Inn. It runs about $135. per night at this moment. We stayed there during INDOC drop off and met several parents & plebes-to-be. Parking garage was a pain but then walk across the street to either two fast food places for a milk shake & life will be good again. The rooms are the usual hotel rooms but clean and comfortable for what you would need them for. SLEEP. The lobby is a little scary but whatcha gonna do? The hotel staff was very helpful and friendly. Easy drive into Great Neck,the Academy or Manny's will pick ya up.

Advertising Disclaimer: Might I also suggest Dunkin Donuts coffee. Three at a go round to keep up with your soon to be Mid. And while in Great Neck, stop at Deli on the Green. OH YUM. I want one in my kitchen 24/7. I have to add a trip to Lazar's Chocolates after. A true old fashioned Mom & Pop candy shoppe that hand delivers to KP. Tell them you want the "South Carolina Jamzmom Discount Special". They owe me. :biggrin: I'M TEASING! Seriously, they are awesome folks who can make your kid smile when you can't. :thumb:

Hope some or any of this helps to the new comers. Please do ask any question. We've got some great KP people with the best advice here. Good luck & carry on.
Another Hotel Suggestion

All the advice already given on this thread is terrific. Another hotel suggestion if you have a car is the Glen Cove Mansion. It is an easy 15 minute drive away on Long Island. We have stayed there twice and had a great experience both times. Rooms are $100-$200 depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book. We like it because it is in a more rural setting. We love visiting the city, but we are country people and can only take so much concrete and crowds at once. They have a cozy pub/restaurant on the top floor with excellent food. Our DS really liked the feeling of getting away from Kings Point when we visited for Parents' Weekend. Also, do not miss Bruce's Bakery in Greast Neck for breakfast. Our DS now is required to stop there and bring us a box of pastries every time he comes home!
As one who used the Long Island Marriott, on more than a few occasions, I can say it is one of the nicer hotels. They offer a military rate to help with some of the pain. Your approximately 2 miles from the LIR and Roosevelt Fields Mall. The eating establishments include PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Houston's, numerous Mom & Pop Diners, fast food joints and a great Itallian joint...I believe the name is Boca's. It kinda helped getting out of the "tight" confines of the academy to a more suburban setting. I can say we never had a bad night there.
Thanks for your help everyone. We are getting a taxi to the Marriott and then found out we can rent a car from Hertz right at the hotel. Then the hotel has a free shuttle to the Long Island RR.

New question: do you know how to get an invite to the Waterside BBQ on the 7th if your son or daughter are planning to be on the one of the teams but were not recruited as such? The website makes it sound like everyone is invited but says it is by invitation only. Appreciate your help.
Not to be short, but I would call and speak with the coach and tell them of your D/S-D/D's interest. They will add ya....
The BBQ is pretty informal and I'm sure your son would be welcomed. I would suggest to email the waterfront staff ahead of time so they can get an idea for food amounts. It is a nice way to meet the coaches and be in a more relaxed atmosphere as the next day (Indoc) is pretty intense. :thumb:
Thanks for your help everyone. We are getting a taxi to the Marriott and then found out we can rent a car from Hertz right at the hotel. Then the hotel has a free shuttle to the Long Island RR.

Make sure that you study the LIRR timetable. The train station that you will be shuttled to is "Hempstead" You will have to travel West to Jamaica Station and get a train back (East) to Great Neck. Good Luck

From the KP Parents Page:
Travel by Rail
From Pennsylvania Station (34th Street at 7th Avenue, New York City), take the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Railroad to the Great Neck Station (about 35 minutes). Get off at the Great Neck Station. The "N58" Long Island Bus Service bus usually departs shortly after the train arrives, bound for the Academy (current fare is $2.00; exact change is required). The "N58" may be boarded from a location on the North side of the Station (you must take the pedestrian bridge over the tracks and cross the driveway adjacent to the ticketing/waiting area). Taxis are also available, if you prefer to travel by cab.
N58 is now $2.25 and it must be in change, not dollar bills. You can purchase a metro card either at the kiosk when you buy your LIRR tickets or I believe you can order them off the website. www.mta.info. Each card can be used up to 4 people getting on the bus at the same time.

I have found that the N58 usually leaves the station rather quickly after the LIRR arrives in GN so you want to have your metro card beforehand. You won't have time to go into the kiosk and get a card and make the bus unless you want to wait for the next bus which is usually 30-40 minutes.

When ordering your LIRR tix, you will also need to know if you are traveling during an off peak time or on peak.

MTA also now has an app for the iphones and smartphones which makes it nice to double check schedules and such.