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    Hello to all, I'm currently a Junior in High School working for my acceptance into the AFA.
    I have a question that you guys might be able to help me out with.

    To start off, I started Taekwondo when I was a 6 year old in Korea. I've done it throughout my entire youth until I moved into states when I was in 4th grade. I had earned my 3rd degree in Korea, but I could not afford to find a suitable place to continue my training. I joined Track and Field last year to throw, and I will throw shot put and discus as a Varsity athlete this season.

    Recently, a local master who wants to specially train a person to send out in regional and state competition to represent his "dojo"(as most people say) came in contact with my parents to see if I am interested. But the problem is, I can only pick either of the sports because of the time commitment both sports require.

    It's equally difficult for me to choose because I don't have any remarks nor achievements in my throws record because I had just started last year. Also, it has been some years since I actively did martial arts. Which sport would you guys say would benefit me the most and increase my chance about the acceptance at this point in high school?
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    Assuming you are seventeen now and you quit when you were nine or ten, I would say you have NO experience with Taekwondo, especially if you didn't maintain any practice regimen.

    You are already on the T&F team? why not expand your skills in that sport? Ask your coach there: what else can I do?

    If you opt for martial arts, you are coming very late to that party and your competition will have been active for those seven or eight years you were not.
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