Sports Weekend


Jun 15, 2006
For any of you candidates and parents thinking of visiting USNA, the weekend of February 17, while maybe a bit cold, has an outstanding sports lineup:

Men's Basketball against Army-Sat 1pm
Women's Basketball against Army-Sunday 1pm
Baseball Opener against Iona-Sat noon
Lacrosse Opener against St Josephs-Sat noon (meet the player autograph session after game)
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haha...everyone in the brigade hates the fact that there are so many games that weekend. It's been officially declared a "spirit weekend." No one is allowed to take a weekend and everyone must attend one of the events (more if you get in trouble).

It doesn't affect me, as I'll be below the hall qualifying for the national pistol match.
Good for you DMiex -
Sounds like if you don't have something to do - they will find something for you to do!

I think it would be fun to go watch them shovel the snow off the baseball and lacrosse fields after they get hit with the "big One" next week. HaHa
wait...what "big one" ?!

I just want Spring to come...i can't stand cold weather...YP labs are the worst!
DMeix - Don't they let you watch the weather on the yard? Big storm is forming today to possibly hit you tomorrow night into Tuesday. Time to check out the Weather Channel!

Good News: It's gonna "warm up".
Bad News: Looks like it's gonna snow. Maybe a lot.
Could be the blizzard of '07 - HaHa

Do they make Plebe's shovel?
Knowing the future weather is pretty low on my list of priorities compared to everything else. I've kinda adopted a 'bohica' attitude towards this cold.
Man, that's pretty cool! :cool: Punishment is going to watch a bball game. :thumb: Ours was always having to go to the library and study. :rolleyes:


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Whistle Pig said:
Punishment is going to watch a bball game.

Well, that AND a loss of weekend liberty...for the entire 3 day weekend.