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    I am struggling in deciding whether i should join the track team or swim club. This past week i just finished my first year on the swim team at my school. I absolutely love swimming. I was thinking about joining a swim club in my area but i feel like im to old to be starting. So instead i started thinking about joining the track team which i had done in middle school also. Should i give up the chance of getting more letters for club swimming?
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    Do what you enjoy.

    Seriously, don't let applying to West Point consume your life. You're still in high school, and should enjoy it while it lasts. If you enjoy swimming, continue to swim in the offseason. It'll make you happier, and you can start to work towards earning accolades later down the road such as All-Region or All-State in your discipline. On the other side of the coin, you could try something new and go out for track. You might enjoy that as well.

    Basically, my advice is just to enjoy high school and do what you like. Don't let West Point change who you are as a person (as in what you want to do or "enjoy" doing), but be the best you can be and make West Point want the person you actually are.

    Just my $0.02. Good luck.
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    Team. Join the team at the HS. During summer, join a summer swim league. Get as many letters as you can. You should enjoy HS, but if WP is your goal, you should do the activities that will build a stellar activity record. WP likes letters.

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