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    So thoughts / feedback on the following.

    1. My DD rows and lettered starting from her freshman year.

    2. My DD shoots trap & skeet but this is not a school sport it is a gun club team.

    She enjoys both sports and has thought about doing one at the Academy ("IF SELECTED"). That said CREW is NCAA & the trap / skeet team is club (not listed but they do shoot). She has rowed with the Academy coach at his camp. She has the ability to row at the college level. She shoots quite well. She is now torn between the two sports and with CVW she is hoping to talk to both coaches.

    Would it be a mistake to meet with both coaches?
    I'm all good with understanding the Navy CREW team. Does anybody know anything about the club trap / skeet team?
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    There is certainly nothing wrong with meeting the coaches during CVW. It is not necessary to decide on a sport prior to starting USNA. Even if your child chooses a sport, they can later change their mind and drop that activity. A lot of it is about time management and the amount of time sports will take IN ADDITION to all of the other demands on their time. They really don't know what those challenges will really be until they start the program.
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