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    I'm reapplying to the Naval Academy from college this year. My school didn't allow me to register for spring courses until after many of them filled up, so I'm currently not sure what my schedule will be. I can get into Calc II, but Chem II is full as of now except for at some impractical times. If I were to earn an appointment, and my spring courses end up not all being plebe classes, do you think the Academy would care? Obviously I'll try to register for courses that are as relevant as possible. If I took Physics this spring do you suppose it would be impractical since if I got into the Academy I would go back to chem, and then to physics?

    If I took Chem and passed the validation test at the Academy, would I still need to take any Chem courses anyway? I read that there is a plebe chemistry requirement and those that validate both semesters just take Modern Chemistry. Any advice?
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    I understand the frustration of registering late because the ones who have the most credits (seniors) get to register first. I don't think Admissions would care as much about your Spring semester as much as they do your Fall grades. My best advice is to simply try your best in whatever courses you end up taking. I don't think it would be impractical for you to take Physics in your case. There's nothing wrong with having prior knowledge, and I think if anything it will be beneficial for if/when you attend USNA.

    I am not the best person to answer this question, but the USNA website has the course validation policy listed out with all the courses and the requirements to validate them. For Chemistry, it appears to say there are exams for Chemistry 1, 2, and interview exams for upper-level courses. I hope this helps, and best of luck.
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    It’s not a normal validation test, but some do take a physics validation during plebe summer. Having taken physics in the spring will probably get you on the short list for that.
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    Do the best with your schedule. Sometimes there are constraints beyond what you can control or try to influence. Physics isn't a "bad" course to do...if you could not get Chem II, Physics would be the next best science course.

    Also consider the schedule for your own career....what if you do not get into USNA this year...would you reapply? What if USNA never offers you an appointment...are you still on-track with what you would major at at your current college? No need to answer/reply here...but some things to think about to make sure you are both setup for next year and in the future if USNA doesn't work out (which isn't what anyone is hoping for, but should be in the calculus).

    Others have already mentioned about the validation process...you will have the opportunity to participate in that as plebe.
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    Please pardon me as I jump on my soap box for a minute..... if you really want something then don't let someone telling you no stop you from getting it. My freshman DD couldn't get into Chem this semester (she's at a large state school). She said "I guess I will have to take it next year" and my advice to her is that it's never over if you really want it. Here are the steps that she took after she couldn't get Chem during registration:

    1. Went to academic counselor to see if they could get her in. Result: No
    2. Found an upperclassman she knew that was majoring in Chem and asked if she was friendly with any profs that might be able to help her get it. Result: No.
    3. Went to her freshman faculty advisor for advice. Result: He couldn't help directly but told her some departments and professors will add you to a class even when full.
    4. Found the prof she wanted to take and told him why she wanted Chem, that she heard from the Chem major that he was a great professor, relayed the advice the faculty advisor gave her and could he please add her to the class list. Result: 2 hours later she was in the Chem class.

    For all of you youngsters.... no doesn't equal it's over until you have exhausted each and every avenue possible. Learn that early and it will serve you well.
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    +1 to this.
    One of my favorite admirals used to say that unless something came down from a mountaintop etched on a stone tablet, it could be changed.
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