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Apr 7, 2008
A while ago, I had been visiting the USMA web site and happened to stumble upon the "Apply Online" button. now "playing around", i happened to type in random numbers into the SSN part of the application and put in my correct DOB and HS grad year. what do you know, it is accepted and i see the "your not old enough so we'll send you an abbreviated form" and fill the application out and receive the pamphlet. inside it says that they will send you a CQ when you are in your junior year. they could only do this if they had my record on file. what im wondering is do they have me as the person with that random SSN that was being exploited and if so, how would i change it to my correct SSN when it is time for me to apply.
Moral of the story: If you're going to do something, DO IT RIGHT. The service Academies are the Big Leagues. Save the coy jokes for the civilian colleges.

If you are serious about applying, you have two options as I see it:

1) Apply for real with all the proper and accurate data, and see what happens.

2) Contact the Candidate Guidance Office (or whatever WP calls it), and explain to the nice person who answers the phone what it is that happened, and how you'd like to fix it so as to begin applying in earnest. That way, it's simply a correction to an existing record at worst or, at best, they'll tell you to just reapply because the existing file went into the void some time back.

I recommend Option 2. It's always better to play straight with the SA's as a candidate. Besides, it's not like you left nuclear launch codes laying around or anything. I'm sure they've heard worse.
Also you used false information to register which is a form of deciet and is not looked upon very kindly by USMA. Suggest you read over the cadet creed.
I agree with Zaphod. Contact the admissions office at USMA and get this corrected. You can find their contact information on the USMA website. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. It is best to just own up to it and learn from your mistake.

Biermann, I don't believe 2012Cadet was trying to purposely deceive USMA.
I don't think he did it on purpose either, my appologies to 2012Cadet for making it look that way.
i would say to call them because they would probbably want you to be honest than just ask for a new one. hope this helps! :)
look, the reason i did it was cause i didn't know my own SSN at the time and just wanted to get the pamphlet. it had alot of useful info. im sorry if people found this deceitful or if it sounded like a joke or the like. :frown:
Nah. I read it as that, at the time, you weren't all that serious. No biggie.

However, now that it IS serious, proceed accordingly, and remember that some things aren't to be done unless your serious. :thumb:
I submitted a second time with my correct SSN and it accepted it so I guess everything is all right. I looked at the pamphlet again and it said it would send me a prospectus only, not a CQ, so that was my bad, but yeah...
Good Luck, 2012Cadet! You are wise to start researching West Point early in your high school career and to get on their mailing list. Take a look at the other service academy websites, too.
hey, i understand, i have done things like that before too. it is good that you have worked it out.

how long does it take for the pamphlet to arrive that i got last time? i know i already have one but im waiting to get it more as a confirmation that my new correct pre-app went in and was accepted than needing another one.are they not sending one because they already have? :confused:
I don't know what pamphlet you are talking about - the second step application kit?
no. the one you get if you register on their mailing list but are too young to get a candidate kit and so they send you a pamplet telling about how to prepare, majors offered, books on USMA, etc.
Oh okay. It comes from admissions so it can take a while. You submitted your form right around R-Day and they were very busy getting ready for that and admitting a new class. You should probably get something later this summer or early fall.

Everything they send you is on the website - it is just packaged in nice shiny booklets so you can show mom and dad - ;)
Perhaps because you used the same name and address they knew they had already sent you the pamphlet?

Have you called Admissions to confirm that they have your correct information?