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    Hello! I was recently looking at the class profile of 2016 and realized i am a bit below average for my standardized testing scores. ive taken the SAT twice, my highest being a 1580 and the ACT once with a 25. yes, i will be taking them both at least two more times. however, lets say those continue to be my top scores. Will WP be somewhat lenient on those scores because i have a higher than normal GPA? I have a 4.57 and ranked 8th in my class of 650. I plan on improving all these scores, just wondering what would happen in the "What if..." scenario. Thanks in advance!
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    From what I've gathered, and what others will comment on, is that Gpa is not taken into consideration in the Whole Candidate Score but standardized scores are considering they are standardized and reflect the national pool. SATS/ACTS are taken into heavy consideration over Gpa so get as high of a score you can. Don't meet average. Go above. The better score the more points to your WCS.
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    For the whole candidate score, it's combination of GPA/Class Rank and Standardized test score. Class Rank is supposed to have more impact than GPA as GPAs can be inflated or a candidate can have a high GPA taking easy courses.

    In a way you are competing against yourself is this situation. The assumption you should make is that your competitors have as high GPA and SAT/ACT scores as you. Hoping that your competitors have lower GPA or class ranking to make you competitive with lower SAT/ACT scores are just that - hope.
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    Congrats on your GPA and Class Rank. That's great stuff.

    I was ranting about Standard Tests, but it's easy for me because that's where my son excelled. My own daughter achieved a 600 math and a mere 530 reading on two sittings of the SAT and she was a bit discouraged. In all honestly, I was less of an SAT fan then than I am now.

    I will also tell you that she has made dean's list in a challenging nursing program each of her first 3 semesters and banged out a 4.0 last Spring. I do think that SAT/ACT scores are important measures, but they do not necessarily indicate future success or failure in college. That is both my opinion and my daughter's experience.

    Florida is a state that scores below the national average on SAT. Your scores are certainly above the state average and even appear to be above the national average. Check your SAT score details and the compare your score feature. That will show you how your scores compared to the prior year's class at your high school. I am figuring you did much, much better than the average there as well.

    There are always mitigating factors for less than stellar SAT/ACT scores. If your school is somehow disadvantaged and not properly preparing students to compete, I believe that the SA's will recognize that and not punish you. There are inexpensive and free test preparation books, CDs, online, etc... available. My son used the Southwestern Advantage Prep CDs with 6 online practice tests. He also studied 10 vocab words a day for a couple of months. His SAT CR went from 550 to 650.

    Good luck. I hope to read great news from you in the future!
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    WCS percentages....

    For your Whole Candidate Score (WCS) this is how WP adds things up when we are talking about academics.

    Academics (60%)
    Class rank (15 points)
    SAT ACT score (35)
    High School Grades (10)

    Academics still has the biggest impact on your WCS accounting for 60% and the best way to increase your WCS is get the highest possible standardized test results. WP super scores your results by accepting your highest score.

    Keep trying to improve your ACT/SAT score, every possible avenue.

    Good Luck!!

    Push Hard, Press Forward

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