Starting DODMERB soon NEED Advice! AFROTC


Oct 24, 2017
Hi there! I have been lurking on this forum for about a week and I see there are some great folks here that have a lot of knowledge about possible outcomes with waivers and I would like to ask about my chances of getting through the DODMERB process alive since I have a couple of conditions I am not entirely sure if are waiverable...

I have been reading the DODI 6130.03 and the more I read the more worried I get so please help me ease my mind because I can't sleep well thinking about this and not being able to commission (I am so close!)

My case is peculiar: 34 year old woman doing a special 1 year program in AFROTC (masters degree). Yes I am getting an age waiver so no problem there. If all goes well I would commision this summer if I can pass the DODMERB (already passed my AFOQT, have a 3.23 GPA, passed my official FA, doing great on the program). I will even be selecting my AFSC'S tomorrow and all that is left is the DODMERB to contract!

Now to the issues that I think will hinder me or at least make me go through some hoops with DODMERB. This is basically my whole health state (record) so please bear with me:

1. Reactive Hypoglicemia (or as Doctors like to call this "pre-diabetic") diagnosed approximately on 2002. Never been been treated for it, I have learnt the hard way to eat healthy or at least healthier and just lay off of sugars almost altogether. I was revising my extensive record and I believe the last sugar test performed on me was on 2008 (with glucola, yuck).

I recently got an AIC measurement (sugar in blood) and got a 5.4% (been reading here that they DQ you for 5.8%) sugar is totally controlled. My glucose readings while fasting are always around 70 or 80 which is normal. I only get any low sugar symptoms if I actually eat a bit too many sugars (cakes, donuts things like that) instead of eating actual food. I now know what to eat and when to eat it. I feel perfectly fine, no issues while excercising. I rarely have episodes, ONLY if I eat sugars or don't eat for 8 hours something exagerated like that (perfectly normal)...I don't have episodes for not eating as long as I don't substitute food for a popsicle for example.

2. In that same year more or less was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (Hashimotos). I have been reading in the DODI that if I have two normal TSH readings in the past 6 months it DOES meet the standard and I ACTUALLY have them BUT I recently found out that I have two small nodules (bilobular, one on each side). My DR told me that they are so small that nothing else will be done about them now, just retest in six months (sonogram). I believe I read somewhere in the DODI that one small nodule is ok but now I have two! This is very recent, just in march 2017 I was free of nodules. I am concerned about this so bad. Also I have been OFF my Medication for more than a year and have only gotten better (personal decision I took). I was taking Synthroid and was feeling horrible on it and spending lots of $$ on that ****y med and now that I am off feel fine, energized.

3. I currently have been having some issues with low hemoglobin, vitamin D, vit B12 and Iron (basically anemia?). I am getting Iron and B12 shots, also a multivitamin and iron supplement... currently feeling a lot better but I am still in the treatment process and will be for about two more weeks. I think I will start the DODMERB process before I finish (well at least will get the appointment not sure how long it will take for them to see me). I have some big brown spots in each buttock from the iron shots. Wondering if this is something that will DQ me or will even show in the bloodwork if they take blood or in the urinalysis?? Will the doctor get me naked during the physical?

4. In 2012 I fell on my knees on a hardwood floor. Had a small meniscus and ACL tear back then. NEVER got any surgery/anthroscopy done only theraphy and occasionally wore a brace to stabilize knees. I got the MRI on was done on the left leg which was the worse one at the moment. In 2017 I got an MRI this time for both knees stating that I don't have ANY tears anymore, NOTHING, just a "tiny effusion" on both knees. This seems like a miracle according to my DR this happens very rarely. The MRI states its otherwise a NORMAL exam except for the "tiny effusion". Will I even need a waiver for this? I know that uncorrected ACL is DQ but the evidence is that now I am normal...wondering how this one will play out. As a side note, in 2012 I was working my way to enlist in the Navy. I stopped the process because of this thinking I would never be able to join the military. 5 years later here I received this favorable release and now I am in the AFROTC program, running like I have never been hurt/injured. I took it as a sign thatI was meant to do this, it feels like its fate.

5. Long time ago I think 2004 was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). My doctor told me this was Idiophatic (reason unknown). I know I was going through a lot of stress at that time and I think that's why I was feeling funny on my intestines but this has not popped up since then. I fixed my stress source. No mention or recurrent diagnosis on my record since that long ago. Should I even mention this? I don't know if its even worth it. Is it waiverable?

6. Since I started running extensively on the AFROTC program I have gone back to theraphy but NOT for my knees but for plantar fasciitis. I overtrained myself just before my FA and got hurt to the point that I was limping on one feet. Got therapy for both feet though. I still have some therapies left but I go sparingly if I need because I am well now. I realized that I was also using the wrong shoes (not supportive enough and was also using an orthotic that was causing more problems). I changed shoes and removed orthotic. Will this DQ me?

7. I recently got a urinalysis done as part of a rutine check and realized I had a blood trace on my lab (microscopic hematuria). I asked my DR about this and he said it was "nothing" that it is normal to have some small trace I was checking the DODI and found out this is a DQ and I am getting worried because I was checking my records going back to years (I think 2002) and I have almost always got a trace or a small amount of blood in my urine along with some bacteria. I seem to be succeptible to getting UTIs. I don't know if I should pursue diagnosis or leave it like that. One time (years ago maybe 2011) I got a very painful procedure done (they got a camera through my urethra) to see if I had anything in there (I was not releasing my urine fully) and it came back normal. If I remember clearly DR told me my Urethral canal is very small and that the problem I had could be stress. He never got a clear answer and I need to look for those records.

8. More than a year ago I got a Sonogram for my ovaries and it showed a couple of nodules. I never got to follow up on it so I believe there is no diagnosis for policystic ovarian syndrome yet (and I am not gonna pursue it). Should I even mention that?

Would any of these things, or the cocktail of them together, PDQ me?

Could I be waived for any or all of this?

I would appreciate any answers and apologize for the lenghty post. I wanted to be as clear and concise as possible. Thank you in advance.
I don't have any answers but I admire your determination to serve & wish you the best of luck!
What you will be told is not to volunteer information - be absolutely truthful, but if you don't remember if it was given as a formal diagnosis and part of your record, don't put it down as one. If you ever received treatment (i.e. metformin or therapy consult for ortho issues) include it - it's been a long time since insurance companies paid for treatment without a diagnosis attached.

I went in to the Army Reserves as a nurse when I was 35 back in the mid 90's. I wasn't applying for a scholarship (although they did finish paying off my grad school loan after a couple of years) so I didn't go through DodMERB, but it took a while for the various waivers to work their way through (Even at 35, I couldn't duck walk - mild knee arthritis). Only the DodMERB people will be able to tell you what is waiverable and what isn't. Do expect this to take a few months to get through - you have several systemic health issues that you won't get an immediate pass for.
Wow, each individual problem doesnt seem that bad but put them all together and there is a lot of issues. All you can do is try and see what happens. I agree with what the previous person who posted. Only provide formal diagnosis. Dont give them your opinion or what you think it could mean. For example, if blood traces is normal in your urine analysis, I wouldnt mention it unless it was specifically asked about. That is why there are ranges to every test. They are looking for normal, not perfection
Agree with Humey and Eljay. Answer all questions truthfully and more and no less. If it isn't in your record as a formal diagnosis, do NOT offer speculation or your own opinion. There is a tendency to want to be helpful and offer speculative comments. Resist this.

Good luck to you!
You may want to consider getting advice from a DODMERB consultant to walk you through your issues before you fill out your initial questionnaire. It can be pricey, but invaluable if you get cleared.
Most of what you have listed are not necessarily a DQ, however all of them will generate remedials. Makes sure you have copies of all medical documentation relating to those issues as DODMERB will ask for them. The burden of proof is on you to show that you have no limitations or a condition that will worsen due to military service. As others stated, only mention issues that have been diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.

Good luck as you have an uphill battle with DODMERB, as the USAF tends to be the strictest in approving waivers.