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    We have twins, our son is part of the class of 2015 and his sister attends Slippery Rock University of PA. Both are enjoying their choices.

    As part of the process we had them both complete FAFSA's their senior year of high school. Our daughter received funding from SRU and the Commonwealth of PA. At the end of their Freshman year we didn't have him submit a FAFSA because he didn't receive any funding, so foolishly I though it didn't matter.

    Last month the State Grant people sent a letter stating that since our son was no longer in school, our daughter needed to pay back the $1,532 state grate she received within 30 days. We call and explained that our son is still in school. They demanded forms from the USMMA stating that he is still enrolled but said once received everything would be fine.

    Now they send a '2nd Request for Payment' demanding payment immediately because he is an emancipated adult in the military and not attending a real college. We explained that KP is different from the others and we are still responsible for all expenses, including medical insurance. We clarified that he does not get a monthly pay like the military academies. After 3 exhausting calls they agree, but then call back the next day and say they've changed their minds and when can they expect a check?

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to get them to clear this up?
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    KP dad,
    Um wow! I imagine the whole DOT vs DOD is confusing to anyone you try to explain it to. I don't have any anwers but I did send up the bat signal to someone who I think might be able to help. I imagine she will be along shortly.
    Good luck. Tell us how this is resolved.
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    Hi KP 2015!

    Did you contact the financial office at USMMA? They should be able to help you clarify this.

    If not, call the Registrars office and have them send a copy of his transcript.

    If all else fails, message me the phone number and name and I'll see if I can talk some sense into them.
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    KpDad 2015 is my DH. Thank you everyone for your helpful responses. We are going to gather information to appeal. What makes this the most frustrating is that I have been out of work for 5 months, and I am presently looking for another job. I worked for many years in a hospital. Unfortunately the change in income does not seem to effect the decision other than we can be set up on a payment plan. Anyway. PM or let us know if there are any more good suggestions. I had thought about talking to our local state representative. Thanks.

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