Senator Coons from Delaware announced his Primary Candidates this time last year and wondering if anyone has heard anything? FFO said it may go into next week but typically always by Christmas for his primary noms. 3 deserving candidates will be getting an early Christmas present!
Anyone from AZ hear anything regarding nominations?

Grandson received a call from someone on Senator McCain's Service Academy Committee last Friday telling him he was the principal nominee for USAFA with an alternate nomination for USNA. Nothing appears yet on either portal and he hasn't heard anything from Senator Flake or Representative O'Halleran--we're in CD 1.
VAtwinsmom...DS saw an update in his USNA portal last night. He texted his friend in NoVa who’d received a letter from Warner yesterday congratulationing him on his nom. Friend’s portal also updated with the nom from Virginia Senator 2. (Which is confusing to me bc Kaine is the junior senator and should be senator 2, right?) DS did not get a letter yesterday but we are SW Virginia.