VAtwinsmom...DS saw an update in his USNA portal last night. He texted his friend in NoVa who’d received a letter from Warner yesterday congratulationing him on his nom. Friend’s portal also updated with the nom from Virginia Senator 2. (Which is confusing to me bc Kaine is the junior senator and should be senator 2, right?) DS did not get a letter yesterday but we are SW Virginia.
Thanks. Still no word for son.
I just checked DS’s USAFA Portal. It shows a nomination from his Congressman- VA 1st District.
Congrats OW. I didn't know Congressman Wittman was going to release this early. His email said mid-January. Again, congrats!
Anyone with a Senator Nomination from Virginia also have a Congressional for 2022? Just curious if it's possible.
My DD received a nomination from Senator Warner (VA) to USAFA today. It came in a letter via USPS and it is showing in her portal. Cautiously optimistic as Warner, to my knowledge, does not designate a principal nominee. Her chances just got significantly better!
Are senatorial nominations significantly harder to obtain than congressional nominations in large states like CA or TX?
DS has both senatorial nominations as of this week, and also received an ‘guaranteed appointment’ just Friday to his #1 choice.

Question is this: is he supposed to tell yet to be released congressional source? He really is undecided between usafa and usna However without a nom to usafa, that decision is made for him. When he applied to sources, he simply ranked usna as #1, usafa as #2 on them all.

Is he supposed to let his third source know that he has received usna, and would like usafa still?

(Antsy bc it doesn’t seem real after allllllll these months)