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    I just wanted to know how keen USAFA was on accepting state qualified swimmers or any athletes for that matter.
    I just received word from my coach that i was less than a second off from making state qualification for my 50m freestyle, so I am hoping that i will get that time by the end of this season or next season.
    Also, in terms of the Academy's in general (USMA, USNA, USAFA, etc), is it recommended to go pass the maximum reps for the PFT? I was told that it was not but then how is the competitiveness kept "competitive" if applicants have the same exact scoress?
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    The best way to get an answer about swimming at USAFA would be to contact the academy coach directly.

    As for the CFA, it's always recommended to do as well as you can on ALL parts. Very few people can max out every event. Doing extremely well on the CFA helps out a bit on your WCS too. Going past the maximum is pointless because you can't "score" any higher on the event and help out your overall score. But if you can max it out, do it.

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    DS is a competitive swimmer with Sectional times. Initially he wanted to swim for USAFA. He was told by the coaching staff that competition to swim is fierce and that he really needed closer to Junior National times to be recruited as a swimmer. For a short time he considered swimming for USMA as they currently recruit swimmers with slower times that are more in his range. However, in the end he could not envision himself as an Army officer. Since swimming is not his career goal, he did not finish his USMA application even though he had one nomination for WP. A number of ex-swimmers from his team are currently at the academy. A C1C told him "Why would you want to swim? You will miss out on so many other things?" I think that this perspective also helped him reevaluate his goals. So he is now waiting, hoping, and praying for an appointment with no focus on Division 1 swimming.

    Here are the swim times used to identify recruits for the USAFA Swim Team:

    1. 50 Free - 21.39
    2. 100 Free - 46.89
    3. 200 Free - 1:42.59
    4. 500 Free - 4:38.99
    5. 1650 Free 16:13.69
    6. 100 Back - 52:29
    7. 200 Back - 1:53.79
    8. 100 Breast - 58:49
    9. 200 Breast - 2:07.79
    10. 100 Fly - 51.19
    11. 200 Fly - 1:54.09
    12. 200 IM - 1:55.29
    13. 400 IM - 4:06.09
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    Fencing is not swimming but what Blackbird's child was told is true: when you participate on a DIV I sport, there is little time for anything else. Of my two, one remained on the fencing team and one did not - now in a host of clubs and sports at the club/intramural level. Both maintain their superb fitness levels.

    The idea of not doing one's best on the CFA seems so odd to me. Of course, you'll get only XXX points for maximum effort but why not put out your absolute best?

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