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    Hello. I am a senior and I have completed my application to the USAFA.

    Nominations: Presidential, Congressman Stivers

    SAT: 680R, 650M, 640W

    DODMERB: Qualified

    CFA - 76' BBT, 14 Pull-ups, 8.9s Shuttle, 95 sit-ups, 75 Push-ups, 5:25 Mile

    Drug Certification: Clean record, drug free, no tattoos or piercings

    Extenuating Military Circumstances: Father was deployed for almost two of my high school years; relocated three times throughout high school

    ALO Interview: completed as of 9 Jan! Went extremely well. He said that I gave a great interview and that I had maxed out all of the scoring catagories for the interview.

    Backup Plan: Attend OU, take a full academic load, attend the summer seminar, and reapply

    Regarding the topic:

    1. Does the USAFA application also apply me for the Air Force ROTC scholarships or do I need to apply separately?

    2. How do I apply for the summer seminar? When I click the link on the USAFA website to apply, it directs me to the portal and my completed application.

    3. My GPA is a 2.96. All but one (C+) of my math/reading/science grades are A's and B's but I have three low language grades... D and 2 C's. That killed my GPA. Will they simply look at my GPA or will they see that my core subjects are strong?
    Note: I'm a home-study student; I've used an accredited online school for high school.

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    1. There is a separate application/process for Air Force ROTC scholarships. I suggest you Google and research if you are interested in applying (it may be a bit too late in the process).

    2. Summer seminar is only for upcoming seniors (current juniors), so you will not be eligible to apply or attend.

    3. Your GPA will definitely be looked at, but unless they are on the admissions board, no one really knows.
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    Regarding AFROTC scholarships, the following is from the OU AFROTC website:

    High school students
    can apply online for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) at www.afrotc.combetween June 1st following their junior year and Dec 1st of their senior year of high school. High school graduates who have no full-time college experience are also eligible to apply for the HSSP.


    Have you applied to OU yet?

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    Thanks for the responses!

    1. It appears that I have missed the AROTC scholarship deadline.

    2. That is correct regarding the summer seminar and juniors. My ALO was uncertain and told me to look into it. I called my counselor today and it is not an option.

    SAT scores - I have taken the SAT three times, but only my super score appears on my portal. Other members of the forum have mentioned that multiple scores appear for them.... Will it help/hurt to call and have all of my scores listed to show that I've persisted and taken it multiple times?

    Also, are there any statistics disclosing how many applicants apply with a presidential nomination?

    Lastly, do letters of recommendation have any mentionable impact? I work part time at the local runway strip taxiing and fueling planes and my boss (former academy grad/admissions board officer) wrote an awesome letter of recommendation. Will his credentials/letter help me?
    My other two letters were from my pastor and an elderly neighbor.


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    SAT Scores: If the super score shows up on the portal then that means that they have all of your scores. Simply listing scores would not improve your file, since they would be lower than the super score.

    Presidential Nomination: The number I have heard before is around 800-900 people apply with a presidential nomination. This was for USNA and was a few years ago so it could be outdated... Keep in mind though that only 100 people can enter off of the Presidential nomination.

    Letters of Recommendation: When I was applying, my ALO told me to definitely send in the three optional letters. I don't know how they factor into the process specifically, but they should only help your file. Think of it this way, between two applicants with identical files, which would you rather select: one with letters of recommendation or one without?

    Hope this helped, I'm not involved with the process or anything so these answers are just from my own experience and opinions. Feel free to ask questions, but don't worry too much, it will all work out how it is supposed to and you definitely need to enjoy your senior year!

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