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    We have come to the end for the second time around. Our hearts are heavy for our son, but he has a great backup plan this time. And even though he has two options for school next year, he has already started the process over for the third time. He doesn't want regrets in 20 years wondering "what if"? I commend him for that.

    His CGO complimented him on being a strong candidate, and gave him great advice for reapplying. He also mentioned there were approx. 2,000 more completed applications (w/nominations) then in the past. Very tough year, and they are predicting the class of 2015 to have more.

    My son attended community college and took: English, Chem., History, and College Algebra (admissions wouldn't let him take Calculus) 1 Semester. He received A's & B's. This Semester he is taking: Calculus, Trig., Chem., and Economics. He is did get a tutor for Calculus, but he should finish with a high C, possibly a B. His other classes will be A's and B's. He decided not to take English for the 2nd semester due to the time constraints with the papers. He felt he needed to focus on Math and Science. He swims 6 days, 3 hrs. a day, and works 15 hours a week. He volunteers when he can with tutoring.

    I have to say this forum has been a great place to read about everyone and their experiences. For the parents: You have raised some great young adults. And to the candidates out there: I'm impressed by your strength, tenacity, and sacrifices throughout your young life to achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

    Thank you 1985USNA and Mr. Larry Mullen for all of the wonderful advice you've given. BTW Mr. Mullen, you have me for one more year, then you get a break until 2015 when my youngest applies. I'm going to need a break from this emotional roller-coaster.

    Congrats and Good Luck Class of 2014!
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    Now THAT is determination. Third time's the charm so they say.

    Our B&G officer told us it took him 3 tries to get in. Good luck to your son, TSUSNAMOM!!!!! :thumb:

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