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Jan 30, 2008
What is the process behind the selection of the Midshipman leaders of the Brigade, such as company commmander etc.?
CC's are selected by the Company officer after an interview process.

Anything above the company level requires an interviews/nominations by a company officer, forwarding to a battalion level boards and nomination, and forwarding to Bridgade Boards. At any level a candidate can be stop and proceed no futher.

Brigade Boards nominate to the Dant and Supe a list of names for the upper unit commanders (Brigade Staff and Reg/Batt commanders). Reg/Batt staffs are later picked by their respective commanders mostly from the pool of candidates that didn't make it all the way through the boards but have potential.

That must be why I never got higher than two stripes. :redface:
What is the stripe system for the leadership at USNA?

You have three, what are you?
Lets see...Squad leaders were MIDN ENS...But this semester the Dan't changed things around and 2/C are now squad leaders. Platoon commanders, Co. XOs, higher company staff, and lower battalion staffs are MIDN LTJGs.

CCs, and most of Batt/Reg/Brigade staffs are MIDN LTs. All sports team captains are MIDN LTs too. 4 stripers and up (MIDN LCDR, CDR, and CAPT) are your batt commanders, reg commanders, brigade commander and higher reg and brigade staffs.

I'm on a battalion staff as a three striper.
Ah thank you, I had a couple of 4 striper friends there who went off to flight school.

1 Stripe = Firstie, default Division Officer (Divo)
2 Stripes = Department Head
3 Stripes = Company XOs
4 Stripes = Company Commanders and Regimental Staff
5 Stripes = Regimental CoS and Regimental XO
6 Stripes = Regimental Commander (RC)
To clarify about some Brigade/Regimental positions.

Certain billets/staffs are picked via their officer counterparts and don't have the same Brigade Board that one would have for other Brigade/Regimental billets. It is up to these officers to nominate individuals to the Deputy Commandant, who forwards the request to the Commandant. Usually this is a separate application process. An example is the Honor and Character Staffs; Physical Missions (NAAA Staff), Foreign Affairs Conference, Leadership Conference, Athletic Teams Commander (NAAA Staff), YP Squadron Commodore (Seamanship & Navigation), SAVI/CMEO, ADEO, Protocol (Social Director), Intramurals (PE Dept), MISLO (Bancroft MIS Officer), Religious Command Program (Chaplains?), MAG billets.

Certain Brigade level billets are assigned to Battalions to fill after dissemination of the main striper list. Some Battalion Officers ask Company Officers & SELs for their input in recommendations. The billets rotate battalions on a semester basis, so that a specific billet isn't always coming from one battalion.
Question for those currently at USNA - what is/was it like for prior-enlisted mids? I hopefully (if granted medical waiver) will be starting this upcoming year and was wondering the benefits / disadvantages of being a "prior" and also being about four years older than most plebes. Thanks for any advice or input.
Hmm, disadvantage-wise, there isn't much...Unless you're 21 or older and can't drink at all as a Plebe.

But overall, it's kinda a double edged sword...It's great that you are a prior cause you know how things work in the fleet and you have that real Navy experience. Your classmates will look up to your and even the upperclass will ask for your input on things like training and stuff. However, I know a lot of priors that because of this real life experience, they see how BS some things are at the Academy and get annoyed or cynical about it.

I can say for sure that the priors are a tight bunch. Lots of then hang out with each other and they support each other. Especially the Marine ones and the Navy FMF. And there are more priors coming into the Academy each year. We are getting combat veterans also. They dynamic is slowly shifting. You will never feel out of place.