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May 1, 2008
I am a prior enlisted cadet candidate and have gotten myself into some moderate debt. I have started to look into getting a student loan to pay off this debt until after the Academy and I had a few questions. I tried to apply for a loan but the site didn't have the Air Force Academy as a qualified school. My question is, does anyone know of ways to get student loans for the Academy? The second question is does anyone know about how long it takes to get approved and receive the check for a student loan? Thanks in advance.
You cannot get a traditional student loan; you have no expenses at the academy, therefore the school is not listed. I would strongly suggest you talk to someone at the academy for suggestions, someone at your bank, or your parents.
Student loans are intended to defray the costs of expenses in attending school, not to pay off prior personal debt (although I don't doubt they are used for that purpose). What you will need is a personal loan. Unfortunately, those don't come cheap. Also, you won't "make" much money your first year (assuming USAFA is like USNA), as most of your salary goes to pay for uniforms, books, etc. Thus, you only see something less than $100/month.

If you have friends or family to whom you could turn (they pay off your debt and you agree to repay them), that would be best. The alternatives in the above post are also a possibility. Finally, there are certain entities associated with the military that try to help military members who have financial difficulties (Navy Relief for the USN). I'm sure there is one for the USAF, although I personally don't know what it is called. I would at least check with them, especially if your debt is significant.