Studying abroad?


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Feb 16, 2007
Are ROTC students allowed to study abroad? What are the policies on this?
I have some info regarding NROTC.

It seems to me that many units offer study abroad. I don't know if all have that opportunity.

The NROTC academic advisor at the Univ of Penn NROTC unit told me directly that they encourage their Mids to study abroad as does the University.

If study abroad is important to you then you'll want to research and make sure that you apply to schools that have very good/excellent programs.

I'm not sure if language acquistion is your goal but I was told that students on my son's campus return from the Beijing semester essentially fluent in Mandarin. (No English is permitted except for phone calls to family and rule breakers are sent home.)

I haven't researched study abroad for ROTC or AFROTC
We have a MS4 Cadet who is studying abroad in Russia. He is doing an independent research project to count as his grade for the first semester.

However, be advised if you wish to study abroad, I don't believe any branch of service will pay for it.
AFROTC also has study aboard, but they don't pay for the tuition of that semster. You also have to double up on classes and isn't for those trying for pilot training slots. You need leadership postions and you can't have those studying aboard.
look at 36-2019 --36-2017
Rotary Club International offers scholarship money to fund study abroad opportunities. Just google it. I heard of another scholarship source today for study abroad and will post it when I think of it.