Submitting medical records


Jan 20, 2017
DS is going to be going through the application process again next year. He is getting his official medical records for a different organization (summer job) and has several delivery options (paper, email, CD). For those of you who were admitted earlier this year (and are headed to Beast - congrats) and had to send in all those required documents, records, etc we have heard about: did you have to send in your official medical records? And if so, in what format? He is medically qualified through DoDMERB already, but we are thinking of killing two birds with one stone here and getting the official records in a format we can use for USMA as well.
I can't remember if my DD emailed and/or snail mailed copies but I would suggest getting them emailed to you in .PDF format. That way you have the digital and you can always print it off to mail if necessary.