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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Patriot2119, Jun 22, 2015.

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    I'm reapplying to the academy this year and am looking for some advice as to which college classes the academy might like to see on my transcript.

    Last year I took college level chem I, chem II, calc I, and calc II. The college I'm attending has already accepted those credits. So for this year I'm definitely planning on taking...
    Physics I
    Calc III/linear algebra
    A writing course
    Intro to engineering I

    I still need more though. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a foreign language, which would be Chinese, but I don't want to overload, especially if the courses aren't for my major (mechanical engineering) or if it's not what the academy wants to see.
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    Why do you think you should take Chinese?
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    Add a language course to your list and that is a pretty standard first semester at USAFA. Most start with 5 classes and then move on to 6 or possibly 7 per semester for the rest of their time at the Academy. Prepare yourself for the overload especially if you want to major in mech engineering.

    That looks like a great first semester though (if you add a language)! Most if not all of the classes should transfer over (possibly not your lit course, it depends).

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