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Jun 10, 2007
Now that my daughter has been accepted into the USCGA for '08, we need to figure out what we are doing this summer! With three other kids it gets kind of hairy!

Can anyone give me an idea about the following?

1. When is the flag day ceremony? I know you may not know the date yet, but is it during the week? Saturday? Sunday?

2. When the swabs are on the Eagle (it's going to California this summer), roughly when and for how long could a parent or others visit them?

3. I understand their first "vacation" is Labor Day. We are thinking of meeting her out there for that weekend. When are they normally released and when must they return? Any suggestions on what to do or what they might feel like doing.

And anyone who has ANY suggestions for a couple of new parents and swab that will make the summer go better, please let me know. I've read all the stuff on the parents organization page, etc...but personal observations and suggestions are always welcome.


1. No idea, but don't bring a boyfriend who will hold hands with her....that got us pretty fired up as Cadre.

2. I spent a day and a half with my parents in Norfolk, VA. It really depends on the duty schedule, which will be Port and Starboard. In one of the ports she will have duty at least one day. You should have some time though, and you'll be able to tour EAGLE.

3. Mystic is a good place to find a place to eat. You could do the 45 min drive to Newport, RI. There is an aquarium and of course Mystic Seaport. In Groton you can see the sub museum, which is right outside of the subase main enterance. My recommendation would be to take her far enough away from CGA that she won't constantly have it in the back of her mind, find a hotel with a big enough room you can all relax, she won't be able to get out of uniform in public if she's within 100 miles, so a lot of the time is spent "chilling" and watching TV. Also, I would recommend not having TOO much travel, getting away is good, but no one wants to sit in their trops, have them get all wrinkled and then return a few days later to get yelled at for the poor condition of the uniform. Be ready for a laid back, relaxed weekend...there, those can be the best kind.


Stay strong as the parent, especially for R-day. Try not to cry when you see them getting yelled at, and the 15 mins you thought you would have to say good bye turns out to be 30 sec. The last thing you want to think about is that your hurting your parents while you're there. Minimize all the extras when packing. Underwear is nice, and you will ruin it quickly will all of the physical activity. Give them a picture of a time that was GREAT for all of you and will help them find a little good thought on a nasty day. WHEN you send a letter (and I mean WHEN, because getting letters is a MUST), include pictures from things happening at home, and newspaper clippings (of things completely unrelated to the USCG or swab summer). Swabs want to still have some little connection to home. In your letters, be positive, tell them how great things are going, how people are doing, and how you're proud of them. Encourage them to stick with it, and stay strong, and let them know that you know it is tough. When you do visit, don't make a bunch of plans or set up get-togethers with everyone at home since so many people will want to go out for dinner and hear all of the stories. Don't cry when you hear stories about rifle IT, or how much your kid has been yelled at, or the times your kid broke down. Meet the families of your child's classmates, make friends with them, and find strength with them in all those uncertainties. While your kids are all going through it together, so are the parents. The Parents Association has a rediculous network, and many times they know the cadets business before the cadets do.

Those are my brief suggestions at this point. I hope it helps.
1. not sure
2. 1 possibly 2 days. we had 3 days in port (2 in miami, 1 in georgia). realize that they have to stand duty for one of those days though and they wont know which one until they get there
3. Friday after class until monday night.

honestly i wouldnt make plans to her until parents weekend. unless you live close by one of the Eagle port calls i definetly would not try to go out to california. the chances that things will go wrong and you won't end up seeing her that much are pretty high. labor day might be ok but in my opinion (obviously i dont know you're family) a trip to Boston or New York with classmates would be best. personally, i was ready to leave home and do new things. don't get me wrong i missed my parents a lot (and still do), but after 18 years at home meeting up with my parents wasnt the what i wanted to do on my first long weekend.

again just my opinion. logistically i would plan on meeting her friday. if she gets lucky and doesnt have duty i would take a trip to boston (cheaper than NY) because there isnt much to do in New London
Oh haha, and a couple from personal experience. The day before R-day, DO NOT drive on campus to take a look around, and suddenly stop the car next to ALL of the cadre...we made that mistake, and I was not too happy, but the cadre, of course, are professional, and in many ways more nervous than the swabs.

Next, quickly understand that while it will be your daughter's first year at the academy, she is not a First mother made the mistake of refering to me as a First class (1/C) while I was still a swab...and that is a "no-no".
"again just my opinion. logistically i would plan on meeting her friday. if she gets lucky and doesnt have duty i would take a trip to boston (cheaper than NY) because there isnt much to do in New London"

And correct me if I'm wrong BR2011, but she would not have to wear trops in Boston, however the ride to and from she will.

I agree, Boston is a great option. I hadn't discovered it until my 3/c year, and then really my 2/c year, by myself as a heartbroken single male cadet.

Boston is outstanding, despite the bandwagon sports fans. I recommend the Custom House Marriot, or the Harbor View Marriot...but then, I am a fan of Marriot beds (racks from now on.)
R-Day = 30 June 08
Mystic = 26 July 08
Parents Weekend = 19-21 September 08
Homecoming = 03-05 October 08
Thanksgiving Leave = 26-30 November 08
Winter Leave = 19 December 08 - 04 January 09

Aug 1-4 Los Angeles
Aug 8-11 San Diego
Aug 15-18 Los Angeles
Aug 20-25 San Diego

All dates subject to change at any time. :wink:
yah, you have to travel in uniform as a 4/c. it gets you a free ride on the commuter rail to Boston though so she'll just have to pay like 12 bucks to get to providence and then free from there. the Constitution Inn gives a huge military discount. 4 people in a room is 80 a night so figure 60 bucks total for 3 nights.

its also uniform within 70 miles now which "officially" makes civvies ok in Boston even though it kind of was before.
It was official in NYC and Boston before....70 guys have it so easy! haha, I'm sure that extra 30 miles made the difference...:biggrin:
actually (i just checked on google earth) Boston is 75 miles away. i think it was something that was traditionally not enforced so they wanted to make it officially legal in the regs
I'm pretty sure I had instructors telling us that...keep in mind that was six years ago. Something about it being a big city...there was some reasoning behind it...just can't remember what.