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    Ok, I've perused this forum for almost a year now, but never really said much about myself. I graduated high school last year (a year ahead of schedule) and applied to both USAFA and USNA. I was nominated and 3Q'd to both, but still ended up getting two TWE's.:frown: Anyway, I plan on reapplying to at least USNA, and I'm not sure how to go about improving my academics. I have spent the last year at a state university on my parent's ticket (no NROTC program). So far, I have taken standard freshmen classes (History, English etc.) except for Math, where I was put into College Algebra due to my high school's weak Math program. This semester, I am completing pre-calculus and am doing very well in it. Would it be feasible to complete Calculus I and II during the summer so as to catch myself up to where I should be? Or would the shorter summer time period mean that it would be too difficult to retain the information? Also, my SAT's and ACT's were less than stellar, but I have managed to do well this past year (4.0 and President's List). Should I be concerned about improving them?

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